Lincoln's Nursery

We are all ready for Lincoln to arrive! The final touches for the nursery came in the mail a few days ago, after being back ordered for months. I was waiting on those few things to photograph the nursery and share it with you all. 

Lincoln's nursery is my new favorite room in the house. It is calming and so much fun to sit in and read a good book. My inspiration came from hours and hours of time spent on Pinterest, Etsy and various other baby blogs. I wanted it to reflect our love for animals, the world and being adventurous. The vision I had came to life exactly how I pictured it! I hope you enjoy this little tour inside Lincoln's room. Now all we need is a baby! 6 weeks and counting....


Apple Picking

One of my favorite things about fall is apple picking. It is a yearly tradition, and it's the first thing I think of when the air begins to get cool and crisp! Sky Top is a short drive from our house and is such a beautiful orchard. This year I was especially excited about the apple cider donuts they make! The line was forever long, but I knew I had donut endurance and decided to wait an hour in line for those oh so delicious, cinnamon covered donuts. I knew Lincoln needed to experience them while in my tummy. 
Matt is going to be an amazing dad. He is so good with Charlotte.
32 weeks pregnant
Apple Cider Donuts
Such a happy little girl!


Woodland Baby Shower

A few weeks ago my mother-in-law and sister-in-law gave me the most beautiful woodland themed baby shower. It was gorgeous and I cannot thank them enough for all of the hard work they put into it. Lincoln is very lucky to be surrounded by people that love him so much already! Here are a few pictures from the shower. Enjoy!