A Birthday Picnic

Two birthday celebrations within in a week of each other makes for lots and lots of fun! We had quite the spread of food that we devoured and if that wasn't enough already we finished up with donuts and champagne. Yummy.

Happy Birthday Joy!
Cheers to another year of adventures and laughter!

That evening we continued the birthday celebrations at Tupelo Honey in Greenville.


A sunny day at The Biltmore

I have some of the nicest customers in the world. One in particular has yearly passes to the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. The passes come with two free guest passes you can share with friends. She decided to give them to Matt and I! I was beyond ecstatic to say the least. It's usually $60+ per person just to get in the gate, so to get in for free was a treat! We spent the day riding our bikes throughout the property, having lunch at the bistro and finished up with wine tasting. Such a perfect day! 


Pancakes & Pajamas

My best friends little girl, Charlotte, turned one a week ago. Joy & David put together such a beautiful party to celebrate her life. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I'm head over heels for this little brunette. I cannot believe it's already been a year since I wrote a "Sweet New Blossom of Humanity", a post about Charlotte making her appearance in this world. What a fun year it's been watching her grow and having a baby around when we all hang out. She is such a happy baby, learning new things all the time. We are trying to get her to say KA-RI, but that's a tough one. 

I love you sweet girl. I can't wait to watch you grow up to be a beautiful young lady!



When a snow storm of 10-14 inches of snow is forecasted to hit South Carolina everyone rushes to the grocery store and clears the shelves of bread and milk. I have always wondered why bread and milk??? If am going to be snow bound I want more that just a "milk sandwich" to keep me full. I want orange danish rolls, pizza, bagels, wine, etc. Healthy I know, but it's the one time to pig out, watch the snow fall and be lazy. We ended up getting only 4-6 inches(sad), but I'm a kid at heart so I had to get out and play in it! So glad that Matt and Eliza joined me. 
We decided to venture out to a friends house for a surprise snow party! Little Charlotte was very excited to have visitors at her house. She was all smiles.