Kari: About Me

My name is Kari.
 I am a southern girl, salon owner, wife, traveler, runner, yogi, and much more.....
 I enjoy everything having to do with life!

This is my husband, Matt. Quite frankly, I think he is a hottie!
We travel the world together, run together and live life to the fullest.

We are the dog parents to 3 sweet little ladies. 


Matt and I are coming up on our 5 year wedding anniversary in November. When we got married we promised each other that we would travel the world and take many adventures together. Well, in the past 5 years we definitely had our fair share of adventures. 

In December 2009 we decided to drive to New York with friends right before Christmas. The day we left happened to be the day the BLIZZARD of 2009 hit the northeast....but our adventuresome selves decided we would still drive it. Insane. I know.

27 HOURS later we made it to New York City on 2 hours of sleep in a gas station parking lot. 
What a crazy story to tell our kids someday!

Just a glimpse of some of our travels:

Niagara Falls


San Francisco



Barcelona, Spain

and many more!

Follow us on our adventures through life!


  1. Yay for your blog!! I hope we can do another trip soon minus the snowstorm and 27 hour-drive. :)

  2. I'm so proud of you for starting a blog! I cannot wait for your first fashion post. Soon please! :)


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