I just returned from an AMAZING 7 days visiting my friend Nicole in Barcelona, Spain. We toured all over Barcelona and traveled up the northern coast of Spain to Cadaques, Cap de Creus & Llafranc. 

We ate fabulous food, had the best sangria & enjoyed the beautiful scenery. I got to meet Gabby, Nicole's friend who is an amazing traveling photographer. She has been all over the world capturing people's lives through photography. What an awesome job!

A little history on how I met Nicole....
I met Nicole about 15 years ago when we attended elementary school together. In 9th grade her family moved back to California. Since then we have tried to see each other every couple years and always pick up where we left off! It's amazing that we have remained friends over the years since we live so far apart. When I had the opportunity to take a trip to Spain to visit her, I immediately bought my ticket!
She is one of those people I will be friends with for life! 

I had the time of my life in Spain. I tried to capture every moment, view, smell & sound of the ocean. 
Experiences like this are what make life so amazing.



  1. I so want to go to Spain now! Gorgeous.

  2. Looks like an amazing time! And I adore your maxi dress with that fun print! Where is it from?

  3. Amazeballs! Love all the colors!!!

  4. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..


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