Wardrobe: Target Coral & Black

Top: Target | Skirt & Belt: Target | Bangles: Etsy & Jcrew |
 Earrings: Almost Pink (local boutique) Watch: Swatch | Shoes: Zara

Everytime I go to Target for just one thing, I leave with a cart full!!! Does this happen to you? It has some sort of weird effect on me to where I just can't stop looking and redecorating my house and my wardrobe. I'm mesmerized. Well this was one of those trips and I came out with an amazing outfit for really cheap.

My hair is styled in a sock bun. So easy to do. Love it. (Video tutorial coming soon!)

p.s. I love the zipper on the back of this shirt. So fun.


  1. I like your hair bun!! How tidy you did it.I always mess up easily and I can't do bun at all!! My baby hairs are growing like weeds.

  2. You look so pretty, Sissy! I love that outfit! You always find the cutest things at Target. I can't wait for the hair tutorial!

  3. Did you buy your top recently? It's super cute!

    1. Yes, I got it like two weeks ago. Thanks!

  4. I love it all. Thanks for showing me how to do the sock bun!


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