Hot Heads Hair Extensions

In february I took a class to get certified to do Hot Heads Hair Extensions in my salon. My hair was already long, but I wanted it even longer. Doesn't every girl? :) Finally, I got the extensions in my hair, and i'm in love! I feel so girly with super long hair. It doesn't even feel like I have them in. In my opinion they are the best extensions on the market. They don't damage your hair and look extremely natural. You can wash and style your hair as you always have before. I recommend these to anyone!


  1. i think i want to get them before i go back to spain... all the spanish girls have long pretty hair!

    1. You should totally get them! They are fabulous. I can call my supplier and get him to find a salon near you that does the Hot Heads :)

  2. I like your hair so much!! I always love curly & long hair but recently I'm in mood to change hairstyles to shorter version.And I started to miss my long hair.

  3. Looks amazing. I am going to look into these hair extensions. :)

  4. Hy swetie! this is beautiful! if you want to follow each other just tell me, kisses!


  5. Wow they look amazing on you!I found I&K pre bonded hair extensions to be the best quality I’ve had so far. They’re so soft and thick. They’re sold exclusively at Hairtrade if anyone wants to have a look x

  6. Wooow, I love the curls! Your hair looks great already but the extensions just take it to that next level. These would be great for a big event or party or something where you wanted to look extra nice.

    Mai | Hair Extensions Jupiter FL


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