Roadtrip: Niagara Falls & Toronto

Niagara Falls

We took a road trip to Niagara Falls a couple years ago. It took us about 12 hours to get there with just a few gas/potty breaks. We visited the Canadian side of the falls because it is known for having the best view. It was beautiful. The sound of the water flowing over the falls is so loud, you could almost feel it. There is one spot at the overlook where you can get pretty close to the edge of the river by the falls. The water is flowing so fast it's kind of scary to look down and think it could just sweep you away! I cannot believe that people would be CRAZY enough to go over the falls in a barrel or walk a tight rope over it.  

Toronto, Canada

We continued our journey about 2 hours north from Niagara Falls to Toronto, Canada. It is such a gorgeous city. The first day we walked to St. Lawrence Market to grab some lunch before our day of touring the city. Along our walk we saw some amazing architecture, gardens & flowers. You can tell the city pays close attention to detail because the streets are lined with manicured flowers. 

When we got to the market they were having their annual Corn Roast. Street vendors were grilling corn on the cob everywhere you looked. It was so yummy. Our next stop was the world's 3rd tallest tower, The CN Tower. It stands 1,815 feet above the ground. The elevator ride is completely glass, including the floors! The observation deck at the top of the tower has a section of glass floor as well. One of the top things to do in Toronto is to lay face up/down on the glass. It took me a while to get up the courage to lay down. You really feel like you are just going to plunge to your death. Ok, that's a little dramatic, but it's super scary. 

Overall, Toronto made a great impression on us. The people are friendly, food is amazing and the city was superb. What more could you ask for?

Butterfly Conservatory

You will eventually learn that I love everything having to do with nature and animals. So, when I found out there was a butterfly conservatory near Niagara Falls I had to go. The reason I love butterflies so much is because of my great aunt Betty. She absolutely loved them. In the last few years of her life we became really close and when she passed away about four years ago I got one of her butterfly christmas ornaments and a vase. They are so special to me, because of the memory of what a wonderful lady she was. It was amazing to be surrounded by thousands of butterflies. She would have loved it.

If you ever get a chance to visit the falls or Toronto, you must go! It makes for a great vacation.  

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  1. Niagara Falls is the place that I wish to go since I was 12 years old,unfortunately I'm still here,unable to visit the place.But the place is really amazing,right?


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