DIY: Wine Cork Coasters

~For all of you wine lovers out there! This one is for you~

I started collecting wine corks about a year ago. One of our friends works at a restaurant in town, so he gets all their corks for me as well. My cork stash has grown substantially so I knew it was time to do a fun DIY craft!

Wine Cork Coasters

Things you need:
  • 13-15 corks per coaster (If you want 4 coasters you will need around 60 corks).
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Cork paper
  • Coarse sanding block
  • Cutting board
  • Sharp knife
  • A cup to trace/draw out size of cork paper circles to cut
  • Your favorite Netflix instant streaming on your iPad! (my obsession = Vampire Diaries!!!)

 Begin by tracing circles on the cork paper to create a base for the wine corks to be glued to.

Once you have cut out 4 circles of cork paper for coaster bottoms, begin cutting the
 wine corks evenly down the center.

Put hot glue on the bottom of the corks and glue to cork paper circle. 
(Mine turned out to have 5 corks in the center row, and 4 on the top and bottom rows. 
Yours may be different, but that makes it unique!)

 View from bottom once corks are glued to base.

Start trimming off the edges of the cork with the sharp knife to create the circle. Follow the cork paper circle on the bottom as a guide when cutting the excess wine cork. 

Now take your coarse sanding block and smooth the edges of the coaster until they look neat and round.

Finished product!

Now start collecting corks (yours, your friends', local restaurants, etc.)....basically anyone and everyone who will freely give their corks! You will be amazed how quickly your collection will grow!

Happy crafting!!!


  1. Love this! I may steal this idea! (even though I just tossed all my corks last night. )


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