Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

We just got back from a fabulous vacation in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Our week was very full, as we wanted to see everything that the island had to offer. The Hanauma Bay snorkeling was one of my favorites. 

When we arrived at the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve we were required to watch a film about the bay before we could get in the water. The film talked about how the coral reef itself is alive, and the fish feed off of it. You are not supposed step on the reef because it can harm the ecosystem and the tiny living beings you cannot see that live on it.

I got a waterproof case for my iPhone just so I could take underwater pictures and video while we snorkeled. Yeah, kinda scary at first to submerge your iPhone in the ocean, crossing your fingers that the "waterproof" case won't leak. It did great, though-- no water got in! 

It was surprising how chilly the water was in Hawaii. Once we got in, however, our bodies adapted. I love anything having to do with the ocean, sand, and sea life, so I was in heaven! We snorkeled for a while then laid out on the beach to warm up. Such a beautiful place just to sit and admire the scenery. 

If you are staying on the island of Oahu, it is a must see!
 It was a perfect day.


  1. The paradise that you had mentioned was amazing!!! The water was so clear and I absolutely love the weather so much!!


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