Sunrise on our beach.

When we arrived in Hawaii we were greeted with pink & white plumeria leis, and a delicious strawberry orange Hawaiian beverage. We loaded up in our rental car and headed to Kailua, a 30 minute drive from Honolulu. On the drive I felt like I was in the series LOST. The mountains were spectacular and everywhere you looked it was the perfect setting for a photo shoot. 

We pulled up to our little condo(adorable!), set our stuff down and headed for the beach. You walk down a long corridor between beachfront mansions until it opens up to the most amazing beach. It was almost sunset on Kailua Beach, so the lighting was perfect. The area we stayed in is residential, so all you see is locals walking their dogs and running. Everyone had a dog is seemed like. We would have fit in perfect with our three little girls!  

Our friends, Joy & David's, flight got delayed so we waited to pick them up at the airport at 9:30pm (3:30am est). I was delirious to say the least, laughing at anything and everything on the drive there. Matt thought I was crazy. Since it was night when we drove back to the condo with them, we woke up early the next morning so they could see the sunrise on the beach. I could wake up to that every morning. So beautiful.

That evening we ate at Haleiwa Joe's, a traditional Hawaiian restaurant. It was open air and had the most amazing view. Down in the gardens below the restaurant they have a gazebo for weddings. What a picture perfect place to get married. 

We had the best time with Joy & David. They are our new travels buddies! As you can see in the last picture, David and Matt are super close and like to snuggle. They are joking in the picture, but David seriously is such a character. Funniest person I have ever met. Kept us laughing the whole time! Can't wait for our next trip with them!

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