Surf School in Hawaii

Didn't realize my husband was a pro surfer. jealous.

Always hold your nose.

Again...Matt, the pro surfer.

Always have a ballerina leg as your slam into a wave.

Always bring goggles so you can see while standing up on the board.

Surfing in Hawaii was amazing. It ranks high on the list of best moments in Hawaii 2012. Joy, David and I were all first time surfers and Matt too....so we thought. While in the water he was doing like the rest of us, falling and getting back up again and again, but when we got the pictures back, there is not ONE picture of Matt falling. Only super awesome surfer dude pictures. My husband is a stud. I'm jealous of his photogenic surfer self.


  1. found your blog from La Mia Vita! I'm excited to read more :)

  2. wow..all of you were pro in surfing!I love your photos!

  3. Aw! I remember learning how to surf. One of the best rushes and feelings life can offer.


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