What a HIKE!

When I go to Hawaii, I honestly want to lay on the beach. Matt and our two friends we traveled with love to be very active on vacation. I love being active, don't get me wrong, I just don't love doing it when there is a white beach with blue water in sight. The beach just calls my name. I can't help it. ;)

Matt did find several amazing hikes while were there though. I did go on all of them, despite the quite whisper of the ocean in my ear (ha!). We hiked the Kuliouou Ridge Trail, a 5 mile uphill hike to a gorgeous view. At times it was rough, and must admit I wanted to give up a couple times, but I didn't. We made it to the top after long sets of stairs at the end, and the view made it worth the struggle!

There was a quote on one of the final steps before the lookout that said, "Life is Today". It made me remember to enjoy my life, take in every experience and live today to the fullest!

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