Age is Only a Number

"Age is only a number. I don't feel 83. Keep on moving, that's what keeps you young."

This weekend we celebrated my Popeye's 83rd birthday at their mountain home in North Carolina. Let me tell you a little about him and how much I admire him......
  • He built a huge successful wood business from the ground up, and is still working hard at 83. 
  • He is a big time hunter and still drives to Montana or New Mexico each year for hunting season. 
  • He is full of life. 
  • He has traveled the world. 
  • He loves his family. 
  • He is a man of integrity.
 I hope that one day I will follow in his footsteps, and "keep moving" like he has. 
Thank you Popeye for being the best grandpa a girl can have. 
Happy 83rd Birthday! Love you.

Birthday dinner with family. 

The two birthday boys...Popeye-August 18th & Dad-August 22nd

                      Me & my Mimi                                      Kristin(my sissy) lovin' on Popeye.


  1. They are leaving an awesome legacy! You can't choose your relatives but you can definitely appreciate them! Love you, Dad

  2. Oh my gosh, love this! That's my goal: to keep movin' ;-)

  3. Cheerwine! So good. I wish they sold it where I live.


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