DIY: Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

This is a quick and easy DIY. I ordered my antique mason jars off eBay, because I wanted the blue tinted ones with the original zinc lids. If you like to go to antique shops, I am sure you could find them there as well.

Inside the zinc lid is a ceramic glass seal at the top.

Use an awl to puncture a whole in the center top of the lid. Put a towel underneath the lid, because once you make the whole the ceramic will shatter underneath. Dispose of the glass carefully.

Use any kind of pliers to make the hole slightly bigger, so the pump can fit in snug.

Use the pump from a suave lotion bottle as the new pump for the mason jar. This is the kind I chose.

Make sure the hole in the lid is just big enough for the pump to fit in snug. Once the pump is through the hole, hot glue the pump to the bottom of the zinc lid. Let it dry for 30 minutes. The pump will be slightly too long for the jar, so you will need to cut it down until it fits in the jar. 

Fill the jar with soap and you are done!

I have one in my kitchen and bathroom. They are fabulous! Enjoy.

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