Run the World

I'm right in the middle of training for my half marathon which is on October 13th. I'm gonna be honest, it is super tough and somedays I just want to skip a run. It's so easy to say," It's just one run I'm missing". Then I realize that one run can make a HUGE difference is my training. I have to push through and just get out there and "Run the World"!

Thinking of training for a half marathon? Here are some must haves that have helped me a ton:
I run 5 days a week, and my long run days are on Saturdays. I start with some dynamic stretching before I run, and then I do static stretching after the run. It's a hard schedule, but it will be well worth it come October 13th! 
Get out there and RUN THE WORLD!!!


  1. I really want to get into running. We have a park less than half a mile from our house now and I want to start running there in the mornings after I take Gi to school. I have no idea where to start really other then to just go out there and run! Lol! I'm just bored with my work out routine and need a new challenge so we'll see how it goes!

  2. Seriously, you are too cute after a long run! I look like a hot mess after a brisk walk. haha!

  3. i want your arms... and i want to be able to run half a block with wanting to kill myself

  4. ive seen those nuun tabs and always wondered about them! good to hear they are legit.

    ps you are the cutest runner, ever!


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