Spa Rat

If you are wondering why the title of this post is "spa rat" it's because that's my nickname. My sister started calling me that when I began to frequent the Grovepark Inn Spa in Asheville, NC several years ago. I like the spa, a lot. Who can blame a girl? Needless to say, I highly recommend the Grovepark Spa to anyone!

If you haven't been to a true spa, you must take time for yourself and go! It will be worth your time and money to relax for the day. I am a huge advocate of taking time for yourself. It is so important to take care of YOU every now and then. If YOU are stressed and not functioning properly, it's probably because you need a YOU day. That's exactly what I needed, along with a few of my girls that work at my salon. A day solely devoted to us. Of course, we had to document that day with tons of sneaky iPhone pictures! **no cell phones or pictures allowed in the spa......shhhhh, don't tell anyone I took a million pictures**

Every spa day must end with an amazing meal. We went to Zambra's in downtown Asheville. It's a tapas restaurant that has a great atmosphere. It hit the spot. We missed two of the girls at dinner who had to head home early. :(


  1. Too bad you can't buy a year pass, Spa Rat!

  2. i've never been to a real spa for a real spa day... you're such a good employer!

  3. i love the robes at spas! they are thin yet thick, not like big terry cloth robes that are so HEAVY.


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