Cruising down the river...

Last sunday we went tubing down the French Broad River in Asheville, NC. We used an awesome company called Zen Tubing that made our trip perfect. It was the first day that felt like fall here, so we were a little nervous that the water would be super chilly. It was but once you were on the tube for a little while the sun kept us warm. We took lunch and drinks down the river and had a fantastic time. The current wasn't quite strong enough to keep us steadily moving down the river, so we had to paddle A LOT. By the end, we were wiped out. The picture of my friend Melody above describes how we all felt. Goodbye summer water fun, see you next year!

**Reminder: Don't forget to wear sunscreen on chilly days. The sun will still burn you. I got fried. Literally.**


  1. This was fun and adventurous! But is it dangerous?

  2. so fun!!! we did this in california and it was one of the most fun days

  3. These photos are so beautiful, I could do with a few days spent like that!

    1. ps following you right now, I'm loving your blog!

  4. so fun! floating down the river is one of my favorite things to do in the summer!!


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