Found guilty of dog spoiling.

September 13th was Belle's 6th birthday! She was our first dog so she holds a special place in our hearts. She has the sweetest personality... cuddly, friendly to everyone, loves walks & loves treats more than any dog I know. Of course for her birthday we had to make a special treat for her. I found these peanut butter & oatmeal dog cookies at the store and knew she would love them. I was right! I think she could smell them in the oven and knew they were for her. Matt had to smell them too to see if they were good. He said they smelled delicious, so I told him he should try one! He didn't think that was a good suggestion and I don't blame him. 

Belle brings so much happiness into our lives, I can't imagine our little home without that furry white face.

*A look back at baby Belle & adventurous Belle!*


  1. Aww what a cutie & what a great idea to bake her cookies!

  2. Awww...I remember when she was little. :) Too cute! She stole my heart and that is why we have our Lucy today!

  3. Aw that's so cute! I never knew you could bake cookies for dogs. Now I have to celebrate my dog's birthday too.

  4. Hi dear!
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    Hope u follow back :) :)

    A lot of kisses.

  5. if you ask me, that looks like a dog who deserves to be spoilt :)


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