I'm not drinking the water.

I have always heard, that if you don't want to get pregnant don't drink the water that your preggo friends have been drinking. The theory is that there is something in the water. Who knows if that's true? Right now I have to be SUPER careful what water I drink because all of my friends are pregnant. Literally. Four of my very best friends are expecting in November, December and two in March. Three of them it will be their first child, one already has a 2 year old named Jude. It is so much fun for friends to have babies, because you get to love on them when they are sweet and pass them back to their parents when they are fussy! Sounds perfect to me. Since Matt and I don't want kids for several more years, I will love on all the little ones that are on the way!

It's crazy how life experiences come in rounds. First everyone I knew was getting engaged and married, and now everyone is having babies. I love how life does that. It's so sweet to share the joys of life with the ones we love. I want you to meet three ladies who I know will make wonderful mothers and one who is already an amazing mama to Jude. They each have a special place in my heart and I love them all. I cannot wait to meet the four littles that will be arriving soon!

My beautiful friend Catherine.

Joy & baby the size of an apple.

Larah & little Jude

Visiting Lee & Larah in Texas (actually came to visit Jude, ha!)


  1. so cute kari! i'm still not drinking the water either, ha!

  2. aww joys pregnant! babies babies everywhere!


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