A sweet new blossom of humanity

Congratulations to my best friend Catherine & her husband Hudson on the birth of their little girl!

Bailey Marie
October 9th, 2012
Look at that head full of hair. In love.... 

Tiny little toes.

Auntie Elizabeth

Me & Bailey

Welcome to the world Bailey Marie! Your little 5lb 15oz self stole my heart when I saw you. You have the best parents in the world that will love you unconditionally and raise you to be a beautiful young lady. Your mom and I grew up together, and now I will watch you grow up and one day you will be friends with my babies! I hope your life is full of happiness and that all of your dreams come true!  Love you little one.



  1. Oh my gosh look at all that hair, she is so beautiful!! Ahhhh I want one! haha

  2. soo much hair!! oh my gosh so cute!


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