DIY Chalkboard

I have become slightly obsessed with anything chalkboard lately, so I decided to make a chalkboard spray paint craft. I couldn't ever find a big enough chalk board to my liking that actually looked cool so I decided to make my own. Super easy so I thought I'd share.

DIY Chalkboard
Hobby lobby 22x28 black frame w/glass (found this one %50 off!)
Krylon Chalkboard spray paint (hobby lobby or any craft store)
Blue painters tape

Make sure the glass is clean and free of dirt before you begin.

 Find an outdoor space that will be your work area. Make sure to cover any areas behind the frame incase of overspray. Tape the wooden frame with painters tape to protect it from spray paint.

Spray first coat 10-12 inches away from glass horizontally, then wait to dry. Continue by alternating spray patterns horiontally and vertically. Wait for paint to dry between each coat. You will need to do 3-5 coats to get good coverage. No need to make each coat thick, this is the reason for doing 3-5 coats to get the nice dark finish evenly.

Give the paint 24 hours to dry before touching. Once dry, rub with white chalk to get a rough chalky surface. Wipe down excess chalk with a felt eraser. Now you are ready to write!

I wanted one at the salon for announcements of events & specials. I love how it turned out!

Happy crafting!


  1. What an awesome idea, I'm not crafty at all but I think I'd be able to manage this!

  2. I love this! And I'm pretty obsessed with DIYs as of late, so I'll definitely be trying this out sometime this fall. ;)

  3. LOVE this! How adorable. I keep seeing chalkboard paint everywhere. I need to get my hands on some and make a project soon!

  4. Awesome!! You're really creative and I like the final results.Anf the handwriting is cute too.

  5. omg cute!! i've always wanted a chalboard wall in my house when i have little kidlets running around.... ive got a chalkboard in my kitched right now and i use it to plan my menu for the week! love me some chalk! xox


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