Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late blogging start to the week. It's been a fun filled weekend, and honestly I didn't want the relaxation to end. Here is a peek into our lovely weekend.

This past weekend we traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to visit my aunt & uncle. We love this time of year up there, it is gorgeous to say the least. They had all kinds of fun things planned for us to do. On Saturday afternoon we drove to the other side of the mountain where they live and went to Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards. It is a boutique winery with a sweeping panorama of the Virginia mountains. I was in love. If I lived as close as they do, I would be in big trouble. All I would want to do is drink wine on the big porch and enjoy the amazing views. Who could blame me? If you ever get the chance to visit Charlottesville, you must visit Pippin Hill. 

Hope you had a fun weekend too. Happy Halloween!



  1. kari these pictures are stunning! looks like so much fun. xox

  2. wow how picturesque is this place!! was the winery setting up for a wedding?? absolutely gorgeous photos and i love your outfit

    1. Yes, they were having a wedding that evening! Amazing place to get married!

  3. Sounds like an amazing weekend! I absolutely love the scenery. Seriously magical.

  4. so beautiful!! and love yoru yellow belt!

  5. Those Virginia mountains are breathtaking!! Maybe my hubs and I need to move to Virgina! Forget Boston or North Carolina! ;D

    Your outfit is so cute!

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous!! I haven't been to the eastern side of the country yet (aside from a very short trip to Florida which doesn't really count) and I never know what to picture when I picture certain areas. Virginia is one that I never imagine, but it's gorgeous!

    Also, I'm looking for guest posters from all 50 states and still need one for Virginia so if you are interested in possibly doing that, will you e-mail me for more details? SaraBell2010@yahoo.com


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