An autumn weekend in Virginia

Hello Everyone!
I'd like you to meet my uncle Kelly, cousin Annie  & aunt Susan. Matt & I recently took a trip to visit them in their hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. It was an amazing weekend full of outdoor activities. Naturally I took a million pictures while I was there. You will understand why once you see the pictures below. Everywhere I looked there was beauty and I had to try to capture it. Hope you enjoy!
Moonshine is a dog we rescued here in South Carolina on the side of the road. They fell in love with him, so now he is a mountain dog. He loves it!
Each leaf is so unique. I thought this one was extra pretty.
Matt, Annie & Shadow(the dog)
Matt--my little acrobat.
Kelly's walking sticks & driveway are both quite impressive.
They live on a mountain with 3 or 4 other homes, so they share a community garden amongst the families. I loved it, especially the little Buddha statue hiding under the rosemary and lavender. 
I may live in the city, but I am a mountain girl at heart. The beauty of the outdoors fascinates me. I'm like a kid when I'm in the woods seeing all of the bugs, flowers & trees. Until next year Virginia!



  1. moonshine is a good looking dog! i'm always happy to hear of happy endings for rescued animals. he looks like he loves the outdoors!


  2. LOVE your shoes and that driveway is breathtaking! x

  3. your pics are just stunning! I wouldn't mind living in an environment like this, could you just imagine the peace and quiet all the time! And your neighbours really must become life long friends :)

    love your blog Kari, so glad I clicked through again.


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