Christmas Traditions

Christmas is my favorite time of year--the music, decorating, lights, the gifts and all of the love of my family and friends. Ever since I was little my mom has given my sister and I several ornaments each year. It was so much fun collecting them throughout the years and watching my containers get filled to the top. My mom wanted to help us collect ornaments so one day when we had our own tree, it was be full of memories. I don't have a perfectly decorated, color coordinated tree but I don't want that. My tree is full of love and sweet memories that my mom and dad helped us create. I will continue this tradition one day when we have kids. 

What Christmas traditions do you have from your childhood?

p.s. i will always have colored lights on my tree. always. 


  1. I didn't know your mom did that...such a cute idea! I might start that with Emalyn. ;-)

  2. obsessed with all of this pictures!!

  3. Your Christmas decor is all so cute!
    I'm especially obsessed with that wine cork wreath!


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