Life lately according to my iPhone

  • My furry babies on Halloween-- Pippa the karate kid, Belle the rooster & Polly the geisha
  • Porch swingin' with my uncle in Virginia
  • Trip to Charlotte to visit baby Bailey
  • Afternoon at Pippin Hill Vineyard in Virginia
  • My best friend Joy's baby bump...can't wait to meet baby girl in March!

Happy November.
Are you enjoying the wonderful fall weather this year as much as I am? I said I was going to finish Christmas shopping before November got here....oops too late. I've been to busy sitting outside in the crisp air with a glass of wine to even think about the holiday shopping craziness. I will finish Christmas shopping and wrapping before December......I WILL. What's your holiday shopping look like? Last minute shopper or prepared a month in advance? I've definitely been both. Enjoy the weather while you can, winter is coming soon!!!



  1. happy fall! i, too, am going to try and get my shopping done early!!

  2. Hey Kari! I love your photos above!
    I am meeting you through the Palmetto Bloggers group!
    I am also from SC. ;)

    Glad to be reading your blog.
    ♥ Stephany

  3. Aw your furbabies look so adorable in their costumes!

  4. One of the things on my bucket list is to have a house where we can have a porch swing. It's not a significant thing, but I still really want it!

    Still swooning over that vineyard!


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