Life lately according to my iPhone

  • helping matt unload our christmas tree!!! 
  • i will always have colored lights on my tree at home--childhood traditions
  • thanksgiving photo op with my hubby
  • pippa got into her stocking early
  • acorn earrings
  • cutting my favorite customers hair--matt.
  • christmas tree at my salon
  • black friday shopping with my sissy
  • bengal spice tea on cold nights
  • it's beginning to look alot like christmas at our house!
Is your house decorated for christmas yet? What are you families traditions this time of year?



  1. Bengal Spice is my favorite tea! so delicious! No one here know about it so I've been spreading the tea love! :D

  2. HaHa no waaaay.... I'm so lacking the Xmas spirit this year it's not even funny.... :) Kisses from Barcelona!

  3. We have just decorated today so pics to follow soon! We don't have any set traditions yet and we are going away this year with our families, a little strange not being at home for Christmas x


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