Mountain running envy.

I get my love for running from my uncle Kelly, I think. He ran the D.C. marathon when he was 22 and has continued to be a runner ever since. He runs 3 miles every day with his dogs and I am so jealous of where he gets to run. He lives on a mountain in Virginia, so he has plenty of beautiful options as trails. He took us on a short walk Sunday morning, and I immediately had running trail envy. I have to run on sidewalks in the city with the nasty fumes from cars. He gets to run in fields and mountains with amazing views and smells. I think one day I will live in the mountains, so I can have just as beautiful running trail!

Maybe in my dreams....


  1. What a beautiful area to run in!! I am sure that is so relaxing and peaceful.

  2. i would love to take daily long WALKS there... haha

  3. such lovely photos!
    wish we had those view here in singapore!


  4. Amazing photos! The colours from the changing leaves and trees are so pretty. Would love to go running there.


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