The Zoo

The big thing in South Carolina this past month has been the birth of Kiko, the baby giraffe who was born at the Greenville Zoo. It seemed to me like the whole world was watching the birth of this long legged little boy. A few weekends ago we decided to visit the zoo and see baby Kiko in person.

Here is a little history about me and zoo visits. I love animals, but always get really sad when I go to a zoo. All the animals look so sad behind the bars, just wanting to roam free. I usually tear up a little when I see them. After I'm there for a while, I see that most of them are happy. They are well taken care of and safe from the dangers of the wild. There is still a part of me that wants to free them all!

When we came upon the giraffe exhibit I fell in love. They are such amazing animals. Baby Kiko was lounging in the shade while his mom caught crackers thrown to her by the onlookers. All in all it was a fun trip seeing all of the animals.

p.s. I want a pet monkey, but I would never do it because I know it's not healthy for them.


  1. I want a baby marmoset! - your sissy

  2. A monkey for a pet?! How fun would that be!? I love this post- you make me want to make a trip to the zoo. Loving your blog! xo

  3. Awe Kari I'm the same way. There is something sad about these beautiful wild animals being contained. But I still love zoos. And now I want to go to one.

  4. I love the flamingos! I feel like they're in the wild! I think the reflection makes the picture so beautiful!

    I just found your blog and keep going through all your posts! Can't wait to read more!

    Your Newest Follower,


  5. i love giraffes!! and i want a monkey too! pretty sure we've wanted monkeys since we were pushing dolls in baby strollers through the mall... oh man those were the days

  6. I love going to the zoo! I feel the exact same way when I visit...I always wish that I could set them free.

    I would be totally content with sitting in the same spot all day while watching the elephants.


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