Busy as a Bee

Hello again. Sorry about the little blogging break, my life has been on the crazy side lately. I got the stomach flu which has been going around and it knocked me out for a good 3 days... my body still feels like it is recovering. Then add in the fact that it's Christmas, I own a salon, am a stylist & massage therapist in the mix and you get one very busy, very stressed Kari. Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful this time of year and I don't blame them, it just keeps me insanely busy.

As I sit here drinking this peppermint hot chocolate(given to me by my wonderful customer Teresa) I am trying to slow down and relax for the day. My brain has been running a mile a minute thinking of everything I have to do, be at, cook for and clean in the next 10 days. It's slightly overwhelming, but I will survive. I cherish my cozy evenings so much, I may be taking a few blogging days off here and there to just relax. 

I hope everyone can slow down too and just enjoy this amazing time of year!

merry christmas

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  1. Ah, firstly that hot chocolate looks delicious!
    Secondly, I hope you find time and make opportunities to rest and relax :)

    Esther x


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