Reliving My Youth

My beautiful, adventurous cousin Rachael. Hilarious moment.
Hottie on a four wheeler.
My view.

You can tell my by my Popeye's(grandpa) four wheeler he is a major hunter. Always prepared.

The Saturday after Christmas is always a big get together with my dads crazy awesome family. We all meet up at our family farm in Marion, NC for a huge lunch with lots of laughs guaranteed. I grew up exploring the mountains with my cousins for hours on four wheelers. It's been years since I've ventured out with them, I even forgot how to start up the four wheeler (getting old). Some of my younger cousins were riding beside us and were giving me a hard time for driving slow. When they sped off I said to Matt,"Those kids think I drive slow, they have no idea what I can do! I've been driving four wheelers since before they were born." I was saying it sarcastically, but when I actually thought about it I really have been driving them WAY before they were born. Reality age check. The day was success, no four wheeler wrecks and we even managed to drive through the cow pasture without the bull chasing me (nightmare). I'm planning a day very soon to take some friends up to enjoy the mountains that I love.



  1. Fourwheeling is so much fun! I love keeping up with the guys and even showing them up on occasion :)

  2. These pictures are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing them.
    I love the photo shoot from Joy's birthday party. Oh...that reminds me of all my girl friends and the husbands. :)

    I wish I was a runner. I probably never will be. My husband is and he just leaves me way behind. LOL.

    Happy New Year!! ♥


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