Birthday breakfast for me, given by some pretty awesome people
Melody is a gift wrapper extraordinaire
Every girl loves polka dots
Salon Christmas party at my house
The food was amazing
Meet some of the people I get to work with daily and their men. Love all these girls!

Over the holidays we attended and hosted so many parties. They all were overflowing with amazing food, desserts and drinks. When all of the parties were done and my eating habits returned to normal I thought I should kick start my post holiday workout routine with some hot yoga. It was the perfect way to start to burn off all of the holiday no no's. Such amazing memories were made over the past month, I hope your holiday parties were just as fun!



  1. I'm glad your holidays were such a blast! Wishing you a great year this year! xo

  2. Oh my goodness, it all looks delicious - Happy Birthday - so glad you have some great people in your life to make you feel special :)


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