Pounding the Pavement

Do any of my lovely readers out there pound the pavement like me? If you have been a reader for a little while you know that I ran my first half marathon in October. It took a lot of training for this girl who was not a runner to conquer 13.1 miles. Needless to say, I got slightly burnt out after race day. I couldn't get my motivation back to continue training for my next race. I would run occasionally throughout the holidays, but nothing consistent. 

Today the weather was in the high 60's (yes in January) and was the perfect afternoon for a run. I am finally out of my running slump and started training again for my next race.  I'm running the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, South Carolina which takes place on April 6th. Since I did this run last year, my goal this time is to pick up my pace and finish faster (crossing fingers). I am so excited that my love for running is back. Below are a few pictures of me finishing the half marathon and from the Cooper River Bridge Run last year.

If you have lost your love for running or got burnt out from too much training, give it time. It will return. I know it! Good luck and get out there and RUN!

View of the bridge the night before the race.

43,000 thousand people ready to run the bridge!

Love this fella. 

Of course I had to take pictures with my iPhone as I ran. 

Most beautiful race. Excited for April 6th to get here!

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