Resolutions. Got any?

When every new year rolls around I try to at least make one or two resolutions that I have a possibility of keeping. In 2013 I have decided to cut out sodas and tea and only drink water, and to cut out ALL candy completely. The water is an easy one for me, I love it. It's just not easy when you are in the Panera drive through and they ask you what you want to drink and you can't resist the urge to order sweet tea. Now if you aren't from the south, you won't understand this. I am a southern girl at heart, and if you didn't know sweet tea runs through a southern girl veins. It's comforting. That's why I must give it up. It is so jammed packed with sugar and is incredibly unhealthy for me. I WILL consume only water this year. 

Candy on the other hand isn't so easy for me to give up. I don't have it daily by any means, but when I do have a bag of Sour Patch Kids, I won't just eat 5-10 pieces in one sitting, I will eat the whole bag. I have the self control to cut out the candy completely for a year, but it's when I allow myself just a couple pieces is when it turns into a downward spiral of consuming the whole bag. Does anyone else have this problem? I sure hope so, because at times I think I'm crazy. For example, at my salon I have Tootsie Pops for the kids after they have been good for a haircut. Well...the suckers aren't just for the kids. When I'm bored waiting for my next customer, I would treat myself to one. By the end of the day it would turn into three suckers. Not every day, but on occasion. Thus, the reason I will have NO candy this year. 

Do you have any new years resolutions? Is it easy for you to stick with them? If not, we can encourage each other throughout 2013! Just post a comment below with your resolution.


  1. I'm definitely trying to cut down on sugary drinks, on water and tea (caffeine and sugar free) for me! But since I've been basically addicted to Dr. Pepper for years now it's hard and I've been getting caffeine withdraw headaches, so it's been a slow but steady process!

    so in exchange for a hard resolution I made a fun one too...this year I'm going to try, learn, do, or see 5 things I've never done before! So now I'm just figuring out what I want to do first!

    o and I guess I want to start doing yoga again too! :D

    1. Love your resolution to try, learn or see 5 new things this year! I think I will do that as well!

  2. love your resolution kari! candy would be super hard for me too and i'm the same with water - i'm like a camel! i'm doing some goal setting for 2013 too so well see how it goes :) xox

  3. Soda is easy for me to cut out... but the candy... that would be tough!! Go girl!! xo

  4. drinking more water is one of mine like, eeevery year! it's so hard sometimes!

  5. I need to drink more water...but I HATE IT. I crave coke. lol. I love sweet tea too.
    Agh.... I'm not a candy eater. My husband is though!


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