Yoga changed my life.

I taught my first yoga class the other day and I loved it! Soul Flow Yoga Studio moved next door to my salon almost 4 years and of course I tried it immediately. I have taken yoga classes in the past at different gyms, but never at a yoga studio. Wow, what a huge difference between gym yoga and a yoga studio class. 

If you haven't tried yoga, I highly recommend trying it. It changed my life. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but it did. When you do hair and massage therapy all day long, your back begins to hurt. The best thing for me was walking next door to a yoga class after a 10 hour work day. It's stretching, strength training and relaxation all in one class. 

I am a person who is wound very tightly. I like things to go the way I want them to. Yoga helped me relax. It helped my mind chill out and really focus in on life. I fell so in love with it that it will always be a part of my life. I want to eventually take the 9 month, 200 hour certification in Asheville, North Carolina. Until I make that happen, I will be happy as can be at the studio next door. 

The owners of the studio have now become really great friends of mine. They are taking their 1000 hour certification in Asheville, which is one weekend a month. They needed a sub last weekend, and asked me. I was so excited, but nervous at the same time. I planned a ton, and went through my routine for class a dozen times. When my first yogi walked in the studio on Saturday morning, my heart started to race. I became very nervous, but started to focus on my breathing and reminded myself that this class is just like any other I have taken. I was just teaching this one. It ended up being a great class, and my muscle memory took over and made it feel so natural. I knew by the end that becoming a certified yoga teacher was now on my bucket list and is something I will accomplish in my life. It will happen. Does anyone else out there LOVE yoga as much as me?

p.s. Isn't their logo in the picture above the most amazing yoga studio logo?!?! perfection.


  1. I love yoga. I usually do it at home so no one is forced to watch my jiggly butt, lol. It's so great though. I need to venture into a real life studio.

  2. I've been doing yoga at home and I love it! I think I too need to go to a yoga studio and at least try it and make sure I'm doing it right haha

  3. love this kari! it inspires me to give yoga a shot.

  4. I started doing yoga years ago, but in a gym and not in a yoga studio. Never really connected, even if I wanted it so bad. I might try to go to a yoga studio, your experience sounds wonderful!
    Kristina x


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