A Sweet New Blossom of Humanity

Wednesday evening Matt and I were driving back from Asheville when we got the text that my friend Joy had gone into labor. It was 10pm already, so I knew it could be a long night potentially. 

We got home and tried to get some sleep, awaiting the text that she was getting close to pushing. At 1:20am I got a text from Joy's sister, Melody, saying she was on the way to the hospital because it was close to baby time. I sat straight up out of bed, threw on some clothes all while yelling at Matt to get up, GET UP NOW! I didn't wanna miss being in the waiting room when Charlotte was born. 

Well....it didn't happen as quickly as everyone thought it would. The time rolled by as 3am, 5am & 7am passed and still no baby. We went to the hospital cafe to eat breakfast and when we returned we found out she was pushing again, and this time the doctor was in the room! Around 8 o'clock Charlotte Sophia was born! All the waiting around was worth it for this beautiful baby girl.

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things- 
wonder, hope, a dream of possiblities."
-Eda J. Leshan-

We had a lot of coffee and a honey bun from the vending machine. We were tired, can ya tell?

 Charlotte Sophia
7lbs 2oz

Dear Charlotte,

Welcome to the world! You have the most amazing parents that will love you unconditionally and raise you to be a beautiful young lady. Your mom and I grew up together, and now I will watch you grow up and one day you will be friends with my babies! I hope your life is full of happiness and that all of your dreams come true!  

Love you little one,


  1. look at all that hair!! you guys are such good friends being at the hospital all night and for so long!! congrats joy!!

  2. Congratulations!! Charlotte looks like a precious princess.
    Such a blessing to all in her life x


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