Progressive Birthday Dinner

30th birthdays are a big deal lately in our group of friends. Seems like every couple months someone else is crossing over to there 30's. We try to go ALL out on parties, and this time I think we did just that! My friend Joy's baby was due March 16th, the day after her 30th birthday. We thought we should do her party early just in case baby Charlotte graced us her with her presence. Glad we did now, because she ended up arriving 9 days early!

Joy's husband David asked me to help come up with something special to do for her birthday. I quickly came up with the idea of a progressive dinner. I've always wanted to have one, just hasn't been the right occasion before now. We chose 4 different homes and designated a course for each couple. It was a lovely evening with lots of food and wine. Joy had no clue the dinner was for her birthday, until the 4th course at my house. It was a huge success!

I love entertaining/decorating for parties so of course I went straight to pinterest for some birthday inspiration. The 30 sign I made out of pictures took a little longer than I expected to make, but I'm so happy with how it turned out. I printed about 150 pictures, and only used around 75 for it, so I laid stacks of pictures around my house for people to looks at. Oh, the memories! I got 30 balloons and made the happy birthday sign myself. It turned out perfect! Her 30th birthday is this Friday, so happy early birthday to my dear friend, Joy! 


  1. all that food looks amazing, especially the desserts!

  2. This looks so fun! I've always wanted to have a progressive dinner.

  3. What an awesome idea and it turned out great! Love the "30" photo wall - it looks stunning!

  4. What a fun idea for a birthday! I might be stealing that ;D

  5. The decoration looks amazing. The areas have winter season for long. Therefore a wood burning stove can help a lot in keeping the place warm and gives a wonderful look to the place.


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