Run legs, run!

April is going to be a busy month for my legs. I'm doing two races. On April 6th I'm running the Cooper River Bridge Run, a 10k in Charleston, SC and on April 27th I am doing the USMC Ultimate Mud Run Challenge in Columbia, SC which is also a 10k with 36 military obstacles.

The bridge run is an amazing run which takes you over the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. The first 3 miles are spent slowing trekking up the incline of the bridge. Once you reach the top, views are amazing and the rest is a downhill piece of cake. When you reach the last mile, the streets are lined with people cheering you on. The energy is amazing, and gives you that extra boost to sprint to the finish line. I'm really looking forward to it this year, and hoping to beat my time from last year. Wish me luck!

This will be my 4th mud run i've participated in. This year I'm doing it with my dad, uncle & cousin! Not quite sure why I like to put myself through the kind of torture experienced on this course, but I do. The past years I have done it, it has only been a 3-5 mile run. This year they pulled out the big guns and extended the course to a 10k(6.2miles). To prepare for this race I have been running, doing yoga and I signed up for bootcamps three times a week at a local gym. Even though I'm a runner and feel good about the race, it's still gonna kick my ass. I'm gonna need as many good thoughts and well wishes on this one! Hopefully I won't end up being black and blue everywhere like I have in the past. Follow me on Instagram to see photos during and after the races!

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This video is from a mud run I did in 2009.

This is what I will look like on April 28th. A very sore, bruised Kari.


  1. That's awesome... you will rock both races. :)

  2. That was me ^ :) wasn't signed in to the right account!

  3. So proud of your running accomplishments! I'll be wishing you luck all the way through April 6th for your next run! And honestly, that mud run is enough inspiration for me to want to kick my butt to start running some marathons. ;)

  4. YAY! So much fun to be had! Good luck. See ya at the bridge run!

  5. What an inspiration you are with all this fitness!! You look amazing! Can you come and be my personal trainer please?!

  6. What an amazing and challenging month you have ahead! Best of luck!
    And your mud run photos are fantastic :)

  7. You are so inspiring. I am so glad to find a blogger with such a love of running. I am starting up again after a winter hiatus and it is harder then I thought. Seeing that you do races all the time gives me that extra push to go again today. I absolutely love your blog by the way, so fresh and well done. I will definitely be following you via bloglovin, GFC, etc. xx. McKenna Lou

  8. That is awesome! I've always wanted to try doing a mud run! It looks like so much fun :)

  9. I am so impressed! I have been wanting to get back into running lately and this is very inspiring. That mud run looks like so much fun (and really hard). Very proud of you...can't wait to hear how it all goes!


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