Cooper River Bridge Run 2013

The morning of the race it was 43 degrees and we had to wait in line for shuttle buses to the start line for 2 hours. We were absolutely freezing because we were dressed for a 6 mile run. Won't do that again... 

(photo credit for the next 3 pictures goes to my friend Eliza. Thanks for taking these awesome pictures!)

This weekend was amazing! Friday morning we drove to Charleston to spend the day eating, shopping and enjoying the beautiful weather downtown before our race on Saturday. It's such a beautiful city, I could definitely live there. 

I woke up at 4:15 Saturday morning to prepare for the race. I have a very specific routine I follow on race day. I have it down to a science:

eat 1/2 bagel & 1/2 banana
drink lots of water
15 before the races I have a Cliff Energy Gel(Razz flavor)
drink more water
use the potty, so I won't have to during the race
get hyped up at the start line to kick ass on the run!!!

Last year when I did this same run, I had a sinus infection but pushed through it and finished in 1hr 14min. Not a bad time for a sick girl. This year I wanted to finish in under 1hr 5min...and I did it!!! I was so excited when I crossed that finish line with 13 seconds to spare. Nothing like cutting it close! If you are a runner you know you have good and bad run days. This was a good day, I felt amazing and could push myself hard. Hoping to finish in under an hour next year!

If you live close to South Carolina and are a runner, you should definitely train for this race. It's so fun and has some amazing views!


  1. way to go!! no way i'd be standing in a 2 hour run to do something i don't like in the first place hahah

  2. besides the freezing morning... looks like a gorgeous day - so glad you had fun!!

  3. Congrats on beating your time, girl! Judging by the photos I wouldn't mind running for an hour with views like that. ;)

  4. I'm so impressed! Awesome job!



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