Meet my Papaw:

He is my mom's dad, and is one the kindest men I know. We celebrated his 78th birthday on Sunday. Whenever his birthday comes around he always tells us stories of how times were when he grew up. He starts with the story of his birth...

"It was a cold and rainy Easter morning in North Carolina. Unusual for Easter to be so cold and rainy. My mama had me at home on McSwain road and boy was it a pourin' down rain. I was born on April 21st 1935. Times were sure different back then. When I was a boy I would work for $1 per day and on Saturday's $3 because it was a longer work day. I bought my first car for $200 and a refrigerator for $100. You could buy a lot of candy for just a nickel. I raised a cow from a baby to an adult and sold it for $300. That money is how your grandmother and I were able to get married and start a home together. We came down to South Carolina to get married, because back then you only had to be 15 years old to get married there. Your grandmother was 15 when I married her. Oh how times have changed."

I love listening to the stories he tells and the wisdom that comes with being 78. I have the greatest Papaw in the world and I love him dearly. Do you still have grandparents living and do they tell stories of what life used to be like?

*I tried to write what he said word for word, and this was the best recreation I could remember.*


  1. He sure looks great for 78!!! My oh my how I miss my Papa. So thankful for the time I had with him and the precious memories like the one you wrote about that I keep close to my heart ;)

  2. "Momma kept askin' for more blankets because it was so cold and she was just a piled up in the bed with blankets." : ) I love Papaw.

  3. Oh Kari. I love this! Good ole Uncle Bill:) I love reading what he has to say about his mom...who is my grandmother. She was a wonderful lady and I miss her more every day. I would do anything in the world to have my grandparents back. I'd love to have them come over and sit with me on the front porch and tell me stories about their lives. All while watching my babies play:) Thanks for sharing this story. Beautiful picture of 2 beautiful people.

  4. I too love your Papaw who is my older brother; he is so much like our daddy who unfortunately died so young. All my grandparents were deceased before I was born but he too tells me about them and our heritage. Happy 78th birthday Bro!! I hope I got some of those longevity good looking genes:)

  5. this is the most precious thing!! i love tales of the olden days because the world seemed so much sweeter then. what a sweet papaw you have!! and you are beautiful, by the way :)


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