Life is full of beauty. Notice it.

Today was Easter. The weather called for rain all day, but they were wrong. The sun came out and made the most beautiful day. The bradford pear tree in my backyard is in full bloom and is absolutely breathtaking. The little details are what make it beautiful. Isn't that what life is about? Noticing the beautiful little details in everyone and everything we see. 

When someone asks the question, "How have you been lately..." the most common response I give and I hear others give is," I'm doing good, just been really busy." It seems as though "busyness" fills up all of our lives and before we know it we have missed everything around us. 

For me sitting in the peacefulness of my backyard or going for a run is how I try to stop the busyness. It's hard to fight because our culture has taught us to not stop. We always have to be doing something. Maybe it's time we put everything down and with spring in full bloom take a second to notice it. Notice the beauty of the people in your life. Notice the beauty in a stranger you pass on the street.  Put a stop to the busyness and notice life! It's worth it. 

Happy Monday!

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  1. Hope you had the best Easter! And I'm all for taking a breather and fully indulging in some peace and quiet. It's incredible how many things go unnoticed when you don't have the time to stop for one second. It's the little things... ;)


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