Run for Boston

Our town decided to do a silent run to honor the victims of the Boston bombing this past Tuesday. It was a beautiful afternoon for a 4 mile run; a time of reflection and thankfulness for life. The guy that headed up the event had run the Boston marathon this year. He brought his Heatsheet that he received after the race for everyone to sign. This tragedy is uniting runners all around the world as they show up to support there fellow runners who experienced such a terrible thing. 

This Saturday I am running the USMC Ultimate Challenge Mudrun with my dad, uncle and cousin. This isn't going to be a usual mud run, because I am running this race for Boston. I am running for the people who lost there lives, running for the injured bystanders and running to show that no one can hold us down! Who else is with me?!?!



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  3. What a sweet gesture! And I'm jelly that you can run that far. I'm five months postpartum and I'm no where near that level yet. Take care!


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