Sneak Peek

(wall decal found here)

This weekend Matt and I worked harder than we did all week. For those of you who don't know, I own
a salon. It has been open for 6 1/2 years so needless to say it has 6 1/2 years of wear and tear on it. I have touched up paint and of course done things to keep it up over the years, but it was time for an overhaul. This weekend of painting and renovating has been scheduled for a while, so I had time to prepare mentally for the hours of work waiting on me. It took 2 days and 16 1/2 hours of painting and various other tasks to finish and boy does it look great!!! 

Keep a look out in the next few weeks and I will fully introduce you to my lovely salon.

Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. I love this wall! It is perfection. xx. McKenna Lou


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  2. I LOVE that - didn't know you owned a salon, that is SO cool!

  3. love it! so excited to see the rest!! xox


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