31 wishes for matt on his 31st birthday!

Happiest of birthdays to my dear Matthew, 
the man who makes me smile, laugh and dance around the kitchen...
The love of my life! 

Here are 31 wishes/reasons I love you on your 31st birthday:

15 Reasons I love you:

1. Beautiful blue eyes
2. Smile
3. Servants heart
4. Compassion for others
5. Amazing dad to our furry littles
6. Self-motivated
7. Amazing business owner
8. When you play guitar it melts my heart
9. Mindfulness of healthy living/exercise
10. Keeping me grounded when I get crazy
11. Love for your family & mine
12. You like to have fun!
13. Sense of humor
14. You're a morning person just like me!
15. You will make a wonderful daddy one day :)

16 Wishes for you:

1. Continued success in your business this year
2. Record setting second half marathon September 1st
3. Accomplishing any business goals you set for yourself this year and beyond
4. Good nights sleep
5. Stress free/care free year
6. See places of the world that you love
7. Have plenty of fun with great friends
8. No car/work van mechanical problems this year!
9. Fun gigs with your 90's cover band!!!
10. Expansion and growth in your business 20/20 Auto Glass
11. Travel a lot
12. Make lots of memories
13. Success with friends
14. Plenty of time to relax
15. Take more time for yourself
16. Do anything and everything your heart desires!

**If you weren't following my blog last year, see what I did for his 30th birthday here!**


  1. Happy Birthday to your Matt!!! Celebrate with cake! :-)

  2. my first reaction was, "what? matt's birthday was just a few months ago! i remember she decorated his car and the kitchen." can not freaking believe that was a year ago. where has the time flown?

    happy happy birthday matt!!


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