Guest Post for Sunshine & Pretty Things

Happy Thursday everyone!  
Today I'm guest posting for one of my favorite bloggers, Sara. She blogs over at 
Sunshine & Pretty Things. Come check out her and blog and see what "A Day in the Life of Kari" is like!


  1. I couldn't reply to your comment over on my blog...says you are a no-reply blogger!! But I really love your suggestion of going to Asheville and then the winery...you might have me sold!! :)

    1. We live in Spartanburg, but spend most of our time in Greenville. I own a salon on the Westside of Spartanburg. You live in Greenville? Hope you chose Asheville this weekend! You will love it, we are heading there now for a birthday party. Have a great weekend!

    2. We did choose Asheville! Had a great time...it was such a cute little town. What salon do you own? I am looking for a new place actually haha

  2. And now I am commenting again...but I checked out your post about a day in the Upstate..so cute! Do you live in Greenville too?

  3. Awesome. I'm going to check out check out your guest post now. :)

  4. All great suggestions for a day in SC :) Hope you have a great Holiday Weekend!


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