Made to Travel

I consider myself a free spirit. I've never been much of a home body, so if I haven't traveled in a while I start to feel cooped up and confined. I was made to travel the world and see new things. When Matt and I got married I knew he felt the same way about traveling so we made a packed that we would take 1-2 big trips a year. We have stuck to that for almost 6 years now, so I would say it has become tradition. In July we are adding two more countries to the list: Thailand and China. We are so excited to travel to Asia, it's been a dream for both of us for a long time. Their history and culture fascinates both of us. 

In Thailand we are going to be visiting some friends of ours who live there, Daniel and Shannon. They just returned to the US for about 7 weeks so we had them over for dinner the other night to discuss the trip. We of course picked up right where we left off, so I know this trip with them will be amazing. As you can tell from the picture below Shannon and I laugh a lot together! They are such a sweet couple and I can't wait to make some memories with them.

We will spend the first 9 days with them in Thailand, and then fly to Beijing where we will be apart of a tour group showing us all of the key tourist attractions. We will fly home from China and arrive in the US in mid August after our 17 day trip. I'm not gonna know what to do with myself when I have to go back to work the Monday after we get home! 

If you have traveled to Thailand or China and have some pointers for me, please leave them in your comment below. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


  1. I love that you two have stuck to the decision you made to travel the world... that is truly amazing! TL and I did something similar and it's a priority of ours to keep it up the best we can (even with babe on the way).

    So excited to read more about your travels - how exciting!!

  2. So exciting! I just found you via the Souther Blog Society... looking forward to more posts!


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