Obsessed with Costco.

Let me share with you my obsession with Costco(yes, i'm old). I'm not sure how I fell in love with a store, but I have. We usually go there about 2 times a week, whether it be for salon supplies or house stuff. I am going to share two hilarious stories with you about our Sunday grocery trip.

 I walked in Costco with an XS Energy Drink in my hand, and of course the first sample station we come to is a FREE cup of Keurig coffee. Dilemma... I already have had a cup of coffee for breakfast, currently carrying an energy drink....should I partake in yet another caffeinated beverage?!?! I though to myself, "Why not have extra energy today...YOLO!" So I proceed to walk around the store with two caffeinated beverages in hand. I bet people were thinking, boy that girl must have had a long night. ha.

I am looking to purchase new furniture for the salon reception area, so Matt suggested looking to see what Costco carries. Since it is almost summer, they only have their outdoor furniture selection in stock, so I was going to look online at their living room furniture when I got home. If you are familiar with Costco, you know that someone always checks your receipt as you walk out of the store. While I'm handing the young man(probably 18 or so) my receipt, Matt see's a stack of Costco furniture magazines and hands me one. My reaction showed my age I guess. I said,"A Costco furniture magazine is exactly what I wanted, SWEEET!" The 18 year old guy standing beside us said,"Such adults", and shook his head and laughed! REALLY???? Am I that old? I guess it does show my age when furniture excites me, or even that I am willing to confess my love for such a store as Costco. 

Next thing you know I will be going to bed at 9:30 and waking up at 6:00am. Oh wait...I already do that. Goodnight, this old lady is tired.



  1. I love Costco too! You can find some awesome stuff there. Can't wait to see what kind of furniture you choose.

  2. hahah!! you're so fun!! i love costco too!! :D

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  3. oh dear god are we really that hold that we're being called adults by teenagers?!! how did this happen??

  4. My husband and I LOVE Costco. It has almost everything that you could ever want!!


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