Backyard Decor

I've been wanting to do this project I found on Pinterest for a while now. I went to tons of antique stores looking for old wood to use as the backing but had no luck. This past weekend I hit the jackpot. We were at my dad's families farm and it hit me that there is no better place to find an old piece of wood than on an old farm. I showed some of my cousins the picture of what I wanted to make and they quickly set off of on the four wheeler in search of the perfect piece of wood. When they returned I squealed not only because they found the perfect piece, but now it has history attached to it! 

I found the idea here on Pinterest and originally was going to plant small flowers in the mason jars. When I began to plant I thought how on earth would I water them with no where for the water to drain out of the jar?!?! There would be no way to drill a hole because the glass would break and with no hole the roots would drown. I decided to changed it up a bit with another idea I had seen with mason jars, sand and a candle. The sand I gathered from Cherry Grove Beach where we vacationed two weeks ago. I'm so glad I went with the sand...I actually like it better! It's super cheap and easy to make. Below is a list of what I used:
  • 3 stainless steel adjustable pipe clamp from Lowe's
  • 3 wood screws to attach clamp to wood
  • long piece of distressed wood
  • picture hanging hardware to hang wood on brick
  • 3 quart size mason jars from Walmart
  • sand
  • 3 tea light candles


  1. So cute and creative! I love it!

  2. Love it! I saw this same project on pinterest recently too and have been wanting to try it out. It came out great!

  3. It looks great! You're projects are turning out nicely this summer!


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