Over the past year we have become big juicers. Matt grew up drinking this lovely looking stuff, but I on the other hand had to acquire a taste for it. It took me a while, but I am at a point now where my body actually craves it. Usually after a morning run is when it sounds super yummy to me! 

Matt got this Breville juicer for his birthday last year, and it has been put to very good use. We use it about 3 times a week, sometimes even more. His mom has had every juicer imaginable and swears by this one. It doesn't take forever to clean after you use it, and it gets the most juice possible out of the vegetables.  It's a winner for sure!

We have tried various recipes, but my favorite is super simple: carrots, cucumbers, oranges and green apples. It gives it just enough sweet with the orange and a little bit of a bite with the green apple. If you haven't tried juicing or have been thinking about trying it just go for it! There are so many health benefits, and plus it's an easy way to get your daily recommended amount of fruits and veggies. 

(Hilarious story... Matt's skin and the palms of his hands actually started to turn orange he was drinking so much carrot juice when he first got the juicer! haha!)


  1. I only like Green Monsters... I really prefer to chew my food and a juice doesn't make me feel full or not hungry

  2. This could not have come in a better time... I just bought a juicer TODAY!!! Cannot wait for it to arrive! ;)

  3. Great blog post! I might just have to give some carrot juice a try ;)

  4. I'm also new to the juicing world - we have just moved in with my in-laws and they loving juices and smoothies so I am trying to convert! Unfortunately, I still only stick to the easy stuff - carrot, orange and apple :)

  5. Really informative post. I use juice extractor regular for make my juice. I have taken some information from you.


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