Support your local farms

A few weeks ago we decided to go on the Upstate Farm Tour which gives the public the opportunity to drive around to local farms and take a tour from the farm manager or owner. The first farm we visited was Red Fern Farm. They grow herbs to sell at the farmers market and they also have sheep. 

The Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery was set up in the shade selling lunch and scones. It was delicious! Of course I had to cool off with a Lavender Lemon snow cone. Who even knew there was such a thing as a lavender snow cone?!?! Let me just tell you that it was fabulous. All of the ingredients for the snow cones were grown on that farm as you can tell from the pictures below. Cool huh!?!? 
The tour took us through the room where the plants are started from seeds in a controlled environment. I am very interested gardening so it was all neat for me to see. One summer I would like to to volunteer at a local farm so I could further my knowledge. Maybe one day my green thumb will turn even greener!
Little Charlotte was the smallest visitor to each farm that day. She was such a trooper!
The second farm we visited was Bethel Trails Farm. They have chickens, ducks and pigs. They sell the eggs and chickens to locals. I love seeing happy chickens that have a good life and are treated well. Doesn't that pig look super happy lounging in the mud? What a beautiful farm with little creatures everywhere!
The third farm we visited was Carolina Aquaponics. They are mainly known for their Tilapia, but they grow vegetables as well. What an amazing and very intricate setup they have. Everything has to be working just perfectly, otherwise the fish will not survive in the environment they have set up for them. It was neat to find out that they provide Tilapia for a local restaurant that we love called The Farmer's Table
My favorite farm we visited was Garden Delights. It is literally 5 minutes down the road from my house and is in a subdivision. I would have never known it was tucked away behind this ladies house, but what a beautiful little secret it was! She even has chickens...what a nice HOA! Her garden is something that I would like to have one day and I think it is attainable goal for a girl like me. I also found out that the gardner, Julie, is a blogger! She blogs on everything from gardening tips to healthy recipes she makes directly out of her back yard. Everyone should check her blog.

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful farms in my area. Check and see if your town does a farm tour. It is so neat to see where your food comes from if you buy locally. If you don't already, start supporting your local farmers and let them know we are thankful for what they do!



  1. So fun! I am not at all familiar with the local farms. I'll have to check into these tours!

  2. how fun and cool! did you buy any eggs? i've heard eggs staright from the farm are delicious and you can really taste the difference


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