Three Wet Rats

When it's furry baby bath night at our house there are a few key things that happen first:

1.turn on some rockin' music
2. put on clothes you don't mind getting wet
3. pull hair up in a pony tail
4. lay out PLENTY of towels
5. set up drying station(blow dryer, brush, shears & dog perfume)

Our girls aren't to fond of baths, but we try to make the best of it! Aren't they adorable?!?!
Add whatever caption you would like to the picture below... 
My caption: "What the heck are you looking at Belle, you better stay over there."
Matt's Caption: "Please don't eat me Belle."


  1. Love the pics and the captions!

  2. i don't know what it is about soaking wet pups but i love them!! yours are so cute!!! we want to add to our fur babies soon after our human baby :)

  3. Love all these pics and your blog!

    New follower! Follow me back too??

  4. Okay I want to steal Pippa. SO stinkin' cute!


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