Wipe Out

On Father's day we spent the day at Lake James in Marion, NC with my dads side of the family. It was a gorgeous day. I Somehow ended up being the only girl on a boat with Matt and all of my guy cousins. I then got talked in to getting on that crazy tube. I am no spring chicken anymore. I have a business and life to think about, so as I am being slung from right to left(risking my life), all of responsibilities as an adult are flashing before me. The momentum got the best of me and I flipped into the water. I got up a second time and thought what the heck am I doing. This is fun but not fun enough to end up in a full body cast. I held up my hand in surrender to the water and the boat pulling me. All the boys laughed but I didn't care. I was safe, sound, unharmed and perfectly content to lay on the boat soaking in the rays with camera in hand.
Matt flew off the tube like a champ!
We were the cousins that always picked on each other as kids, and now as adults nothing has changed a bit! I love this cousin of mine.
There I go!
The shot below is priceless. My cousin Ryan suspended above the water before a face plant.

I'm ready to go back.

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